FEELING NOSTALGIC: Often think about your past? Or wish you could go back in time to a different era?

It doesn’t take much to start feeling nostalgic: listening to an old song, looking at old photographs, visiting your childhood home/neighborhood etc.

This post is focusing on being nostalgic on a different era and the fashion associated with it, precisely the 1930- 1950s and from the look of things, it’s no doubt that fashion in the 1900’s was unique. It retained much of the class and style of the previous era, but with a simplified flare. Although I was not present in this era, but I can only dream of and imagine what the fashion trends in 1930 to late 1950 entailed.

However, from watching shows such as “Marvelous Mrs Maisel” and “Mad Men” I visualize that women’s fashion from 1930 to 1950 had a very distinct look. Some of its most recognizable features include elements such as Statement Hats & Scarves, Flare and flowing Dresses & Skirts.

These images were taken at the TWA in New York, and with the 1940s fashion era in mind. I opted for a flare dress, incorporated some gloves, a belt, a retro cat-eyed sunnies, and a scarf for my accessories. Luckily for me, there was this beautiful vintage car present at the TWA.  This retro car made my whole ensemble come together for my 1940s fashion look, and gave me a slight of an era I wished I’d witnessed.

My era: 1990- 2000s Fashion

Since I grew up in the 1990s-2000s, fashion was more in line of being trendy.vIt was also the era where ‘internet’ at large was introduced to the people and influenced by what was seen on TV/music videos etc.  Growing up, I recall seeing mostly ripped jeans, crop tops, animal prints, sneakers, bell-bottoms, blazers etc.

2020s- current times: what I am being nostalgic about.

I often think back to when I was younger when I had little to no responsibility, and I would stand in front of the television hip thrusting and gyrating around, performing all the moves from music videos. Thinking back on my adolescence, full of Destiny’s child, G-unit, and Britney Spears on my silver walkman, and learning all the lyrics/dance moves, I often feel a sense of longing for those easier days; what worries or responsibilities did I have?

Some of my favorite 90’s playlist that made growing up fun

I recommend watching the original music videos and engaging in all the dance moves, especially the “No Scrub” video from TLC
Here are some songs to get you started:

1. Spice Girls: Wannabe
2. Backstreet Boys: I Want It That Way
3. Brittany Spears: Baby one more time
4. Destiny’s child: No No No ( the whole album)
5. TLC: No Scrubs

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What are you feeling nostalgic about of late?

Life before pandemic (COVID 22019), A particular era, Your childhood?

Comment below, I would love to hear yours 🙂

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