Hello there! Its been a while since my last blog post… After a busy holiday season, my body and mind needed a BREAK and so I listened and gave in.

Instead of stressing about Instagram posts or blog content, I bought two books [“The Story” and “Think and Grow Rich”… and I actually started reading them, YURP! you read that right 😉 ]. But seriously, I am proud of myself because I have been trying to get into the habit of reading for some time now, so cultivating this habit and sticking to it is intriguing for me to say the least. After a long day at the office, I dash home to make myself something to eat for dinner, shower, rush into bed, light a candle, and grab a book and read [which surprisingly is therapeutic ha 🙂 ]. I am no longer immersed in my phone which typically involves me scrolling through it all day, online shopping and adding stuff to a cart, or simply being glued to Instagram while time flies by. Rather, I am more aware of  properly managing my time and being accountable for how I allocate my time.

While this may not sound awfully exciting, but it exactly what I needed to slowly get back to who I really am, to life itself, and to ultimately feel like myself again. The truth is I was basically a walking zombie by December 23rd 2019 for many reasons, one; December had a lot of to-do action items. I had to create content for Christmas and New Year looks by Dec 7th, so I scheduled an impromptu photoshoot session and shot on “53rd and 5th Avenue” which turned out to be a stressful shoot session due to it being a very busy/crowded area, and oh it was freezing COLD too 😬, lets  just say I froze half way through (I was numb by the end of it and felt nothing). Few days later, I flew into Atlanta to be a bridesmaid (my very first bridesmaid’s gig too 😎) for one of my high school friends, while it was hectic, I still had a great time and got to see/connect with long time friends. I returned back home from Atlanta Dec 15th only to start getting ready to host my younger sister who was visiting me for the first time from London. Need I say, work at the office was still very much active, draining and demanding. As most know, year-end comes with a lot of closeout activities that requires meeting deadlines/deliverables.

By Dec 23rd my last day at work for 2019, I was burnt out and mentally drained out. Dec 24th came with preparing for Christmas celebration, cooking and showing my sister around New York City doing tourist stuff. Eventually, I started enjoying the holidays, we went to see SAKS Fifth Avenue Christmas Light Show, Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, World Trade Center, The 9/11 Memorial ground, TimeSquare, Bryant Park Christmas Ice SkatingTop of the Rock to name a few landmark spots we hit. We also got to dine at some of my favorites spots in the city, and lastly we visited the ColorFactory to have fun but more importantly BOND.

Hence, excuse my silence over the past week, but it was some much needed time off! All that said, I hope you got to enjoy some quality rest & relaxation time of your own, too. I’m so glad you stopped by HalosOfStyle and I am excited about all the fabulous content headed this way…feeling ready for what 2020 has in store!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it!


Simi Gold

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