Chunky Knitwear and Flare Pant


It’s cold out; so how do you stay cozy and still be fashionable?

With a cozy knitwear and flare pants you can achieve that!

A nice knitwear will definitely keep you warm, while the flare pants will give the sass to complete the look. Together you can expect to feel warm while looking chic.

A little story about how this look came about and became my definition of a statement piece.

Randomly bought this knitwear from last November simply for its neutral color.

While I was trying to find outfits for an upcoming photoshoot, I knew I wanted to wear the flare pants (as I bought it about a month prior) but I could not find any suitable top to go with it in my closet. Everything in my closet that seemed appropriate were either summer-like tops or  just didn’t fit right .

Luckily, the sweater got delivered a day before the shoot so I got to try it on to see if it would be a keeper or it needed to be returned back to the store. 

 The sweater looked great so I wore the pants to see how it looked paired together and Ta daa!!!

It was a perfect match and i knew that I had THE outfit! While this look was not on my vision board, it came out so classy and upscale.




I shot this look in Nomo, Soho on a chilly Saturday morning. While scouting locations with my photographer, we found this cute coffee shop and tried out some shots.


I sat waiting for my photographer to change his camera lens, we did a test shot, loved it and we decided to  take more images. 


After taking some lovely images on the cute bench placed in front of coffee shop, we also took some walking shots on the street to showcase the fit of the clothing while in motion.








I love this up-close and personal shot of me simply because you get to see me a bit deeper and possibly see into my soul. This image shows my vulnerability yet somehow reflect my strong features.


If you look closely into my left eye, you can see a scar inside of it.  This is a scar that has been part of who I am for over two decades, however I have come to accept it as part of my identity and a feature that makes me unique.


Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did creating it!


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  1. Anu(thatcorporatechic)
    March 21, 2019 / 2:58 pm

    I love this look 😍😍😍
    Thanks for the styling tip.
    You just made me shed a tear, my mom had the same scar in her left eye.
    Keep the styling tip coming.

  2. haloofstyle
    March 25, 2019 / 10:03 pm

    Hi Anu! I am so glad you love the look 😉
    Very interesting to know I have something in common with your mom.
    I see scars as a reflection of our experiences, and often times these scars have an interesting story behind them.

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