There is no classified skill to wearing monochromatic outfits. All you need is a tops, bottoms and accessories in the same color scheme or different shades/pattern of the color, dressing in one cohesive hue is simple and looks effortlessly chic. The continuous flow from head to toe helps to elongate a woman’s natural silhouette giving her a sexier and taller appearance.

Keeping the color coordination consistent is a great look if you want to draw the eye to a new statement item like Idid with the Lady Dior Bag. Although, dressing in the same color can sometimes give a bland and boring look to an outfit, but if done properly the outfit can be classy. The simplest way to style monochromatic looks without it making it  boring is to mix in pieces with different textures, patterns and print. Here I incorporated  patterns and prints but chose to stay in the blush family to ace the monochrome look I was going for.

 Look: Top  Zara | Bottom Zara | Sunglasses Fendi | Bag Lady Dior | Shoes Ted Baker

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